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HBI Shipping FAQ

How do I choose an apple variety?
After you have selected what size gift box you would like, it will prompt you to choose a variety. If you would like only ONE variety in your box, you may choose it from the drop down menu under the first question. If you would like multiple varieties, you may toggle up to 4 varieties (no more than 2 premium varieties) under the second question. If you are purchasing the Teeming Triple Fruit Gift Box, you may select up to 3 premium varieties. We also offer a “Mix, Our Choice” option. We will put about 4 of the most popular varieties at that time in your box. A label is always included in the box identifying the apple varieties packaged in the box.

If you'd like to learn more about the different apple varieties we grow, please visit our Fruit Varieties Page of our website at:
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When will my order be shipped?
We prefer to ship most fruit gifts on Monday or Tuesday so that delivery occurs without an unwanted weekend visit to a UPS warehouse. This policy assures that your purchase arrives in the best possible condition. Of course, if you order by 3 Day Select or 2nd Day Air services, we will ship accordingly.
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Will substitutions be made to my order?
Only fruit varieties currently available will be listed from the drop down menu on the ordering screens. If for any reason we would not have the variety you selected, we would contact you prior to making any substitutions in your order. For preserves and butters, we will substitute the closest match to your order if the requested item is currently out of stock. For Gift Baskets, we will substitute an item of equal or greater value if an item is currently out of stock.
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How can I include a gift message with my box/basket purchase?
Because most of our packages are shipped as gifts to others, we offer the opportunity to enclose a special "Gift Care Card" with your personal message. To include a personalized message with an enclosed gift card, first select the gift(s) that you would like to purchase and then complete your transaction using the checkout process. You may enter your gift message in the box marked "Gift Message". We will process your information and include a special "Gift Care Card" with your order at the time of shipment.
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What are your shipping and handling costs?
Shipping and Handling costs are calculated when you enter the address to which your gift is being shipped. You can also view your shopping cart at any time to view the shipping & handling costs.
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How do I delay shipment for the holidays?
If you wish your order to be processed for our holiday deliveries, simply include special instructions in the "Your Comments" box at the end of the checkout process. Clearly note the "Shipping Date" or "For Christmas", etc. The last date to guarantee delivery prior to Christmas is December 15, 2010 (UPS Ground Delivery).
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What if my apples are damaged during shipping?
Although we cannot control how our packages are handled by UPS, we pack each box very carefully. Sometimes, extreme handling conditions result in damaged boxes and damaged fruit. In such a case, the fruit may be bruised upon arrival. Should this occur, please notify us immediately. We would then follow your instructions for repeat shipment or for credit to your account. Please call or notify us within 7 days of receiving your package if there was damage to the fruit.
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What if I provide the wrong address?
Although UPS will attempt to deliver a package and locate the correct destination, we are directly charged a service fee for that effort. Consequently, a $10.00 surcharge will be applied to your account for providing an incomplete or inaccurate address. If the package is returned to us as "undeliverable", we will contact you for instructions. Unfortunately, to reship the package, we often must replace the fruit since it is several days before the package comes back to us. If you choose to re-ship the package, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement fruit as well as the additional shipping charges to the new address.

UPS requires a valid street address (i.e. NOT a P.O. Box) to deliver all packages.
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How does the weather affect my order?
Just as the weather affects us in the production of tree fruits, the weather can be an important factor affecting the condition of fresh fruit products when they are shipped. We continually watch the weather patterns developing nationwide during the holiday season to determine if it is "safe" to ship.

We are particularly cautious about sending fresh fruit to the most northern states during the winter due to the potential for freezing. Although UPS has consistent delivery times throughout most weather conditions, often packages are stored in unheated warehouses or trucks en route to their final destination. If we feel that your package will be frozen in shipment, we reserve the right to delay shipment until "fair" weather returns. It has been proven many times that the anxiety suffered by a delayed shipment is far less than the disappointment of opening a box of beautiful, but rock solid, apples or pears. If you are shipping a package to a location known for its cold winter temperatures, we encourage you to place your holiday order a few weeks prior to the holidays to ensure it arrives before cold weather strikes!
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Why can't I ship to CA and AZ or Internationally?
Due to restrictions in the shipment of fresh fruit products, CA and AZ do not allow fresh fruit imports without a special validation and certification process that adds significantly to the cost of the products. However, we can still ship any items other than "fresh fruit" (canned or jarred goods, cookbooks, cider mix, etc.) anywhere in the USA.

Shipments of fresh fruit abroad are not possible due to the fact that export rules demand special certifications that vary from country to country in addition to special shipping protocols. We apologize for any inconvenience that these standards may cause.
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